Cherish the simple
delights with us.

We cherish the simple delights we get from our first taste of cake — like feeling a soft kiss to the cheek with speckles of icing, we can't help but just smile, and savour the moment.

Your Best
Companion For
Special Moments

  • Inspiration

    We are always inspired by the people around us and what gives them joy. Our cake flavors and pastries are catered towards what Filipinos love and the tastes that take them home.

  • Creation

    With a variety of traditional and own-made recipies, we create tastes that surely everyone is bound to enjoy - baked and piped with a sprinkle of love.

  • Preparation

    We keep a consistent quality for our cakes and pastries. With warm and cold storages we make sure we get to serve everything at their very best.

  • Presentation

    There is art in making our products both beautiful and delicious - inside and outside. From opening a box of cakes or pastries to the first bite, we push to impress in each step of the experience.